Entry forms are available from the Village Store

2018 Bradley Family Day rules for entering an exhibit

  • All classes are open to village residents and non-residents
  • Entry forms are to be handed in to the Village Store by 5pm on Wednesday 5th September (NO late entries accepted )
  • The Fancy Dress, Silly hat competition, Dog Show and Tug of War may be entered on the day
  • Exhibits will be accepted between 9am and 10.30am in the marquee and cannot be accepted after this time. Exhibits should be reclaimed from 4.30pm
  • There is a limit of TWO entries from each exhibitor for any one class except children’s classes when it is ONE entry per class.
  • All exhibits must be the sole work of the exhibitor
  • All items are exhibited at the owner’s risk
  • The judges’ decision will be final


Judging will take place at the Village Hall at 11.15am. Please arrive at 11am.
The procession will commence at 11.45am. Free entry on the day.
7 YEARS AND UNDER Individual and Group
OVER 7 YEARS Individual and Group


Class 1    3 Dahlias (vase provided).
Class 2    Flower arrangement in an unusual container
Class 3    Cut flowers of one type only (vase provided).
Class 4    One jar of garden flowers (own jar).

D & J Kitchen Rose Bowl (best exhibit in Flower section)
Bill Miles Trophy (most points in Flower section)

Class 5     One chilli
Class 6     Three tomatoes
Class 7     One marrow
Class 8     Three potatoes
Class 9     One cucumber
Class 10   Three onions (set or seed)
Class 11   One beetroot (with top)
Class 12   Three runner beans
Class 13   Two courgettes
Class 14   Two carrots
Class 15   Any other vegetable
Class 16   One sweet potato
Class 17   One wonky vegetable
Class 18   Three apples
Class 19   A dish of berries

J.Bibby Trophy (most points in vegetable section)
Tankard (best vegetable exhibit)

Class 20   Hanging or wall basket, one photograph
Class 21   Planted container in situ, one photograph
Class 22   Garden or part of garden, up to three photographs (taken at any time-judged from gardening point of view rather than photographic)

E S Germaine Trophy (most points in Gardens section)

YOUNG PERSON’S GARDEN Ages 4-16  Only ONE entry per person
Class 23   Cress in an unusual container
Class 24   Any vegetable
Class 25   A home grown pepper in a pot
Class 26   Animal made from fruit or vegetable-5-7 years
Class 27   Animal made from fruit or vegetable-8-11 years
Class 28   Miniature garden – 5-7 years
Class 29   Miniature garden – 8-11 years
Class 30   An undecorated jam jar of flowers

Yorkshire Dales Flower Company Trophy for most points in Children’s Garden section

Class 31  Four scones, any flavour
Class 32  One savoury flan
Class 33  Afternoon tea on a cake stand (food only)
Class 35  One lemon-filled Swiss roll
Class 36  Four shortbread biscuits
Class 37  One Victoria sponge cake with raspberry jam filling and caster sugar topping
Class 38  One jar of fruit jam
Class 39  One jar of chutney, any flavour
Class 40  One jar of marmalade
Class 41  Four tray bakes
Class 42  One chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing sugar topping

Challenge Trophy for most points in Confectionery section

PHOTOGRAPHY—16 years to adult
Up to two entries per person per class.
All photos NOT to be mounted. All photos to be ONE SIZE …7”x5”

Class 43   Country view
Class 44   Weather
Class 45   Animals
Class 46   Birds
Class 47   Canal life
Class 48   Celebration
Class 49   Flowers, trees or plants
Class 50   Buildings
Class 51   Bradley
Class 52   Tour de Yorkshire
Class 53   Yorkshire Dales life
Class 54   Water in black and white or sepia
Class 55   A close up

Chapel Centenary Trophy for Best Exhibit

Class 56   Painting in oils or acrylic..any subject
Class 57   Any subject in watercolours
Class 58   Any subject in any media
Class 59   A pencil drawing
Class 60   A sculpture or installation (3D)
Class 61   A ‘Mindfulness’ colouring sheet

Mrs Race Trophy for Best Art Exhibit

Class 62   An item of needlework (anything sewn with a needle)
Class 63   An item of handicraft
Class 64   An item of knitting
Class 65   An item of crochet
Class 66   A handicraft scene
Class 67   A cushion cover

Ellen Mawson Trophy for Best Exhibit

(see also Garden’s Section)       ONE ENTRY ONLY PER CLASS
Children’s cups for most points in each age group
(including confectionary, photography, art, handicraft and handwriting)

4 and under
Class 68   A decorated biscuit in red, white and blue
5-7 years
Class 69   Three decorated biscuits in red, white and blue
Class 70   Four chocolate krispies
Class 71   A edible necklace
8-11 years
Class 72   Four chocolate brownies
Class 73   An edible necklace
Class 74   Four decorated buns
12-16 years
Class 75   Four rocky road
Class 76   Afternoon tea on a cake stand (food only, no drinks)

One entry per person per class.
All photos NOT to be mounted…. maximum size 7”x 5”

5-7 years
Class 77   My family and friends
Class 78   Wildlife
Class 79   A selfie
8-11 years
Class 80   My family and friends
Class 81   Wildlife
Class 82   Celebration
Class 83   Pets
12 to 16 years
Class 84   Skipton life
Class 85   Wildlife
Class 86   Tour de Yorkshire
Class 87   CelebratioA painting of ‘Bugs, Beetles or Butterflies’n

4 and under
Class 88   A finger painting
Class 89   Any drawing
Class 90   A drawing or painting created in a pre-school setting
5-7 years
Class 91   A painting of ‘Bugs, Beetles or Butterflies’
Class 92   A painted pebble for the ‘Bradley Rocks’
Class 93   A collage of pets
Class 94   A Painting or drawing produced at school or clubs
8-11 years
Class 95   A portrait of my friend
Class 96   A painted pebble for the ‘Bradley Rocks’
Class 97   A cartoon
Class 98   A painting or drawing produced at school or clubs
12 –16 years
Class 101   A painting in any medium
Class 102   A drawing in any medium
Class 103   A sculpture made out of natural materials
Class 104   A collage of a landscape

4 and under
Class 105   A playdough model of an animal
Class 106   A Duplo or Lego model of a vehicle (not from a kit)
Class 107   A model made at Pre-school
5-7 years
Class 108   Decorated Fun Sun Specs
Class 109   A Duplo or Lego model of a vehicle (not from a kit)
Class 110   A badge
Class 111   A decorated wooden spoon
8-11 years
Class 112   A picture using buttons
Class 113   Any item made from wool
Class 114   A rosette (on World Cup theme or Votes for Women)
Class 115   An item made at school or club
12-16 years
Class 116   A picture using buttons
Class 117   A box gift wrapped with hand decorated paper
Class 118   An item made from wool
Class 119   A rosette (on World Cup theme or Votes for Women)

Copy the designated piece out carefully on one side of a sheet of unlined paper. The sheet is not to exceed A4 in size. Fibre-tipped or fountain pens, or pencil are allowed. NO BALL POINT PENS ALLOWED.
The judge will be looking for clean, neat, regular handwriting that is correctly spelled and neatly set out.

Class 118
5-7 years  (anonymous)

If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly,
then why did it fall off?

Class 119
8-11 years (anonymous) 

They say
“don’t try this at home”
so I’m coming over
to your house to try it.

Class 120
12 to 16 years 

I just finally
discovered what’s
wrong with my brain:
on the left side there
is nothing right and
on the right side,
there is nothing left.


Dog Show

Dogs to be kept on a lead at all times.

Entry on the day.
50p per entry. Registration will be open on the day beside the ring on Braime’s field from 11.00pm
Classes start at 12.30pm prompt and anyone not registered by this time will not be eligible to enter.
Prizes will be presented at 2.45pm on the Playing Fields.

Prizes and Bob Nelson Shield for overall winner

Class 121D   Any variety of small pedigree dog
Class 122D   Any variety of medium pedigree dog
Class 123D   Any variety of large pedigree dog
Class 124D   Any crossbreed dog
Class 125D   Any variety of puppy under 12 months old
Class 126D   Dog with the waggiest tail
Class 127D   Best veteran dog of 8 years or over
Class 128D   Prettiest bitch
Class 129D   Most handsome dog
Class 130D   Scruffiest dog
Class 131D   Best in Show
(grand parade of all dogs winning a class)


Yorkshire Dales Flower Company Shield for overall winner

Please bring to Playing field between 9am and 10.30am and
remove from 4.30pm. All entries in advance on show entry form. 50p per entry.


HEN AND BANTAM EGGS (over 1 1/2 OZ in weight)
Class 132   3 matching light brown eggs
Class 133   3 matching dark brown eggs
Class 134   3 matching white hen eggs
Class 135   3 eggs of different colours

Class 136   3 matching duck eggs

Class 137   1 hen egg for content
Class 138   1 bantam egg for content
Class 139   1 duck egg for content

Class 140   1 hen egg
Class 142   1 bantam egg
Class 143   1 duck egg